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Archive for July 2018

Repairing Water Damage Caused By a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is an insidious reminder of the damage that is to follow. The first signs of damages might be not be obvious. Mold won’t set in right away either. But overtime, a leak in your roof if neglected can cause serious water damage to just about anything and everything under the ceiling. This…

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Get Your Charlotte Roof Back in Shape Today

The roof of your house needs to be constantly maintained and monitored to improve its age and lifespan. There will come a time when you’ll need to consider repairs or even an entire replacement so it’s good to keep an open mind about. Roofing repairs are not jobs for the DIY fans. A hole in…

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Roof Remodeling Ideas Recommended by your Charlotte Roofing Company

Just like mainstream fashion, roofing trends are constantly shifting tides albeit much more slowly. Roofing trends tend to gravitate towards a direction that not only consider aesthetics but also better performance, greener material and stronger foundation. Here are some of our favorite roof remodeling ideas and reasons why you should consider them for yourself. Synthetic…

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