10 Top Tips To Prepare For your Home Roof Replacement Project

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10 Top Tips To Prepare For your Home Roof Replacement ProjectIt can be a very exciting experience to get a roof replacement at your house.  Pets and children might look in awe and watch the roofers tear away, rip apart, nail and haul – the might want to get as close to all of the excitement as possible. Of course, that is very dangerous. After the roofing company gets to your house, your property becomes a work zone. As you can easily imagine, work zones can be quite hazardous.

Southern Star Roofing makes it a priority to make your roof replacement project as seamless and stress-free as possible. However, there are some very important preparations and safety precautions that you can make in order to make sure you are 100% prepared.

The following are 10 tips to help to ensure that your roof replacement runs as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, you want your family and you to stay safe once the shingles start flying.

10 Tips For Preparing For a House Roof Replacement

  1. Think about your pets and kids.

Loud sounds coming from the house might disturb sleep habits and increase anxiety. While watching from a safe distance might be exciting, zone zones are very unsafe for pets and children.

Have a talk with your children and explain that certain parts of your yard or house will be off-limits to them until the project is finished. Since pets and young children might not understand the danger, you might be more comfortable to visit friends or family while your roof is being replaced.

  1. Move your cars.  

You need to give up your prime parking spots to the roofing contractor. Contractors need to have fast access to their trucks and tools throughout the workday. They need to be able to load the debris and shingles. You want to ensure that all of your cars are kept a safe distance from the work area until the project is complete.Your garage doors should also be kept closed during the construction process to keep the debris and dust out.

  1. Remove wall decorations for the roof replacement

Vibrations from machinery and hammers on the roof might travel through the walls in your house, especially if there any repairs are being done to your deck. Walk through all of the rooms that are on the level under your roof. Consider any pictures, knick-knacks, and other items that might be hanging from your walls or ceiling.

As a precautionary measure, remove any decorations that are not secured with screws permanently. You might want to remove your decorative light fixtures such as chandeliers in order to play it safe.

  1. Cover your belongings that are in the attic for the roof replacement

During your roof replacement project, many installers will be walking across your roof, and pounding it with their hammers. Small debris and dust may fall int the attic space during your new roof installation.

Your personal items can be kept cleaner if you cover them up with drop sheets or old sheet until the roofers are finished with the job. Be prepared to need to do a bit of light vacuuming in those areas after the construction job is done.

  1. Move patio furniture and grills away from your work zone.

A garage or shed is the best place for outside items like potted plants, lawn ornaments, patio furniture, and grills while they roofers are installing your new roof.

If you don’t have a lot of on-site storage, you might want to place those items together in part of the yard that is safely away from your work zone.

Remember that a majority of contractor won’t help you with moving your personal items outside or inside the house.

  1. Before construction starts, cut your grass and prune your trees.

If there any tree branches that are hanging low close to your roof then you will need to trim them before your contractor can start working.  

Drop cloths should be used by your contractor to protect the grass and plants that are in the perimeter right next to your house. Make sure to cut your grass the day before the construction starts.

Short grass can help to keep fallen debris hidden your lawn, which can make cleanup more thorough and faster.

  1. Identify several power outlets that are accessible.

Your contractors are going to need to have access to multiple electrical outlets as they are working on your roof. Exterior outlets are preferable. However, if you don’t have any then the next best choice is a garage outlet.  

If you do not have any outlets in the garage or outside, remember that you might have to run extension cords through a door or window in order to get power outside. Remember that extension cors might be a tripping hazard so make sure to chose outlets that are areas that don’t receive a lot of traffic.

  1. Remove any satellite dishes or antennas

If there are any satellite dishes or antennas on or close to your roof, you will need to remove them. Call your satellite or cable company to make arrangements before any work on your roof begins.

If it is a non-working, old unit, a majority of roofing contractor will remove and get rid of them for you.

  1. Speak with your neighbors

Tell your neighbors about the work you are planning. Let them know what the estimated timeframe is. They will be happy that you are keeping them informed. That will give them the chance to make adjustments to their schedules so they can be comfortable while your work is being done.

  1. During the construction process be aware of all of your surroundings.

Construction at your house can create some unexpected obstacles or problems. Construction equipment or extension cords that aren’t usually there can create opportunities for hurting yourself. Make sure to stay during the construction project to help avoid injuries.

Finally, make sure to communicate with the roofers through the entire roof installation process. Find out if they have any recommendations that will help make the process go even smoother for both your family and their crew.

Most important of all, keep in mind that the construction and any related inconveniences will be temporary. You will soon have a brand new roof.

Do you need to have a roof replacement?

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