10 Roof Maintenance Tips For Lasting Roofline Results

Roof Maintenance

10 Roof Maintenance Tips For Lasting Roofline ResultsIs your roof always at the “top of your mind?” Probably not. With the everyday hustle and bustle you can easily lose sight of the most important essentials responsible for safeguarding the whole of your interior space.

While most asphalt roof systems are designed to protect your property for about 15 years, it is recommended that roofs be regularly inspected two times a year during fall and spring.

With that in mind, here are some DIY roof inspection tips for roof maintenance along with suggestions on what you should do if a roofing repair job is way over your head and you require professional assistance.

Roof Maintenance Tips You Should Remember

  1.  Property Buyers Beware

The ideal time to get started with any roof assessment is prior to the closing date. Getting the roof professionally inspected before the future home is yours officially will help you save a lot of time and expensive repairs later on, which can be a plus if and when you choose to sell the new property.

  1. Trim Troublesome Trees

When you admire your property along with the surrounding landscape, ensure that you never overlook leaning branches that seek companionship with the roof because they can gouge and scratch the roof materials. Trim back and remove any branches that get too close to the roof to avoid puncturing or damaging your shingles.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

It is important to remove leaves and other debris from your gutters. Besides bothersome branches, leaves along with other elements may clog the gutter system and cause water to backup in the living areas, attic, or even behind fascia boards. It is advisable to clean your roof at least 2 times a year to make sure that your drainage is free flowing. It is also important to watch out for damaged drain components or sagging gutters and replace or repair as needed.

  1. Ensure that the Roof Breathes

Heat and moisture may cause sheathing and rafting to rot, insulation to lose its effectiveness, and roof materials to buckle in the absence of proper ventilation. This may cause the entire roofing system to become ineffective. This is another thing that roof maintenance ensures.

  1. Include Insulation

Proper insulation is the best way to achieve good airflow and proper ventilation and important for roof maintenance. To protect a house from heat loss or gain, it is advisable to include a gap-free insulation layer on the floor of the attic as well as a vapor retarder next to the ceiling and under the insulation to ensure that moisture does not rise into the attic. It can also be a good idea to have open, vented spaces that let air pass freely with at least 1 inch between the roof sheathing and insulation.

  1. Protect Against Streaking

Ensure that you pay close attention to your roof’s color. Sections of the roof, generally the northern portion, exposed to shade during the extended periods will finally become streaked with algae, mold, or even fungus. If left unchecked it will deteriorate the roofing material this shortening the roof’s life, which may lead to other signs of trouble such as leaks.

To eliminate the mold situation completely, consider installing zinc strips such as Roof Protector strips along the roof’s edges. They are precision engineered to offer environmentally safe and long-term roof protection from algae, mildew, moss, or fungus attack.

  1. Watch Out for Attic Aftermath through Roof Maintenance

Besides having a properly insulated attic, it is also important to be on the lookout for water stains as well as weak shingles after a heavy storm.

  1. Avoid Damaged Shingles through Roof Maintenance

Check for any signs of damage to the shingles. Being exposed to everyday wear and tear from different elements may cause shingles to get torn off and dilapidated, which can make a roof structure and interior space more vulnerable to rot and water seepage.

  1. DIY Roof Repairers

If you are bold enough to attempt a roof repair yourself, you need to remember that it is quite dangerous up there. You must always stay on a firm, braced ladder that’s equipped with rubber safety when whenever possible. If you choose to walk on the roof, wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent slipping.

  1. Quality Roofing Quotes for Roof Maintenance

If repairs go beyond a DIY project, it is important to ensure that you do some research prior to making the calls. It is a good idea to get at least 2 quotes to help you determine the best combination of price and quality. When choosing a roofing company, always choose a roofing company and it will help save you numerous repair costs later on.

The Bottom Line

The roofline should be remembered. Utilizing the quick tips and tricks discussed here and taking a top-down approach with annual inspections will preserve and protect your interior living space for a long time to come. Call us today for a quote.

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